Battery Replacement Terms and Conditions

Already Broken Down? Call Us


If you experience a breakdown as a result of a faulty battery which requires replacement then you must report the claim to us BEFORE any work is undertaken. We will not be responsible for or reimburse any work that is carried out prior to the claim being reported to us.

To make a claim please call 0330 113 2433 (09:00 ‐ 17:00 weekdays, excluding public holidays, calls are recorded for quality purposes).

Or email – Please wait for confirmation that your email has been received before undertaking any work.


Certain information is required when calling for assistance;

  1. Your Name
  2. Your membership number
  3. The vehicle registration number
  4. Your contact number
  5. The exact location of the vehicle
  6. The nature of the fault


If you have broken down whilst driving and require roadside assistance we will arrange for a recovery operator to provide assistance. Once the arrangements have been made with a recovery operator, we will contact you with updated information, including the estimated time of arrival. Therefore, please keep your mobile phone switched on and available to take calls or receive SMS messages at any time. Please avoid using your phone for unnecessary calls etc, which may make it difficult for us to get through.

You will be asked to remain with or nearby your vehicle until the recovery operator arrives. Once the recovery operator arrives at the scene please be guided by their safety advice. If you have broken down on a motorway and have no means of contacting us, or are unaware of your location, please use the nearest SOS box and advise the emergency services of our telephone number. Each 100m marker has the direction of the nearest telephone.

If your claim is a result of malicious damage, then the incident must be reported to the police and a crime reference number must be provided to us.


This is a contract of membership between you, the owner (You/Your) of the vehicle at the time of purchase of the covered tyre(s) and Motoring Assistance Limited (We/Us/Our). Subject to the correct premium having been paid, we will provide cover for your battery in accordance with the terms of this membership.


Please read this membership carefully and make sure You understand and fully comply with its terms and conditions, as failure to do so may jeopardise the payment of any claim which might arise and could lead to the membership becoming void.


This membership covers against the cost to replace a faulty battery that requires replacement following an attendance by Us due to your vehicle breaking down. There is a 14-day inception period when purchasing the cover or changing your vehicle, during this time no cover will be provided.

This membership covers one battery replacement during any 12-month period. You must keep documentary evidence of the condition of the replaced battery including photographs accompanied by the job sheet from the repair centre, your claim will be rejected if you do not provide this when requested.


If your cover was purchased as part of an annual membership then cover will end after 12 months unless the membership is renewed. For pay month memberships the cover will continue until cancelled as long as the correct premium has been paid.

The membership for each covered vehicle will end immediately upon replacement of a battery. Where more than vehicle is covered, cover applies separately to each vehicle. All cover will cease if the membership has come to an end or a payment is not successfully collected.

Annual memberships will automatically renew on a monthly membership basis after the initial 12 months.


  1. A battery that has been maliciously damaged.
  2. Damage or claim outside the UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  3. Any malicious damage claim.
  4. Damage that has occurred to any part of the vehicle except the covered battery as a result of the faulty battery.
  5. Any loss directly or indirectly suffered by you as a result of the battery damage.
  6. Fire or theft.
  7. Where no accidental damage or malicious damage has occurred, but due to general wear and tear and deterioration under normal use, the battery has reached the end of its normal effective working life.
  8. Manufacturing defects or faults including a manufacturer’s recall.
  9. Batteries on a motorhome, kit car, quad bike, trike, caravan or trailer, hybrid or electric vehicle
  10. Any claim where the event took place before or during the first 14 days of your Battery Replace cover
  11. Batteries that need to be fitted by the vehicle manufacturer
  12. Batteries fitted to vehicles that are used during the period of cover for:
    1. professional instruction
    2. hire or reward
    3. driving school tuition
    4. chauffeuring
    5. motor racing
    6. track days (timed or untimed)
    7. rallying
    8. pace-making
    9. speed testing or any other competitive or off-road event
    10. commercial or agricultural vehicles
    11. campervan or caravan
  13. Batteries fitted to vehicles that have been modified during the period of membership, outside the manufacturer’s specification.
  14. Batteries purchased by anyone under the legal driving age of 17 years old.
  15. Excessive wear or damage caused to the battery due to driver or owner error.
  16. Any battery fitted to a vehicle over 20 years old.
  17. Any single claim or multiple claims within a 12-month period that exceeds £160 including VAT as determined by us.
  18. Any cost for fitting and environmental disposal over £25 including VAT.
  19. Vehicles fitted with a battery that already has the benefit of either a manufacturer or third-party warranty.
  20. Any claim where we have not attended as a result of a breakdown and have authorised the replacement before any work has been undertaken.


When applying for this membership or submitting a claim You or anyone acting on Your behalf must take reasonable care to answer all questions honestly and to the best of Your knowledge. Failure to do so may affect the validity of Your membership or the payment of Your claim.

The law of England and Wales applies to this membership and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the membership in the English courts. This membership is written in English and all correspondence will be in English.

This may not be assigned to a third party or another vehicle.

For Bespoke Monthly customers, the total amount of outstanding monthly payments will be deducted from the reimbursement amount, covering the ongoing payment until the minimum term is over.


You have the right to cancel this cover within 14 days of purchasing the membership without giving any reasons and you will receive a full refund. In the event that a claim is made or attempted to be made within that 14-day period then a charge of £30 per vehicle will be made to reflect the administrative cost of arranging and cancelling the cover.

We reserve the right to withdraw and cancel your membership if you fail to pay premiums or instalments of premiums on demand, or fail within seven days of a written request from us, to provide any documentation of information required by us. In the event of us cancelling a cover after its beginning or its renewal our fees or commission will not be returnable.

We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time without prior notice, if no claims have been made during the term of this membership then you will be refunded in full.

We reserve the right to refuse service if we suspect any type of fraudulent activity.

Motoring Assistance shall not be bound to accept renewal of any membership and may cancel any membership at any time without prior notice where there is a valid reason for doing so. A cancellation email will be sent to you at your email address. Valid reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Fraud
  • Non-payment of premium
  • Threatening and abusive behaviour
  • Non-compliance with cover terms and conditions


Motoring Assistance Limited believes it is important to protect your Personal Data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) and we are committed to giving you a service that meets your needs in a way that also protects your privacy. This policy explains how we may collect Personal Data about you. It also explains some of the security measures we take to protect your Personal Data, and tells you certain things we will do and not do. You should read this policy in conjunction with terms.

When we first obtain Personal Data from you, or when you take a new service or product from us, we will give you the opportunity to tell us if you do or do not want to receive information by email or text from us about other services or products (as applicable) from us. You can normally do this by ticking specific boxes on an application form or contract. You may change your mind at any time by emailing us at the address below.

Some of the Personal Data we hold about you may be 'sensitive personal data' within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998, for example, information about your name and email.

Any information that you provide to Motoring Assistance Limited is managed by Motoring Assistance Limited, which is registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioners Office in England under notification number: ZA462447. If you have any queries about the information, we hold about you, please contact us at or write to us at Motoring Assistance Limited, 124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX

For further information about how Motoring Assistance Limited use your data please go to our Privacy Policy.


We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service and do everything we can to make sure we meet our own high standards. However, we realise that sometimes things go wrong and there may be occasions when you feel you have cause for complaint. When this happens, we want to hear about it so that we can try to put the matter right. If you wish to register a complaint, please contact us:

Telephone: 0330 113 2433


In Writing: 124 City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX

To enable us to remedy the situation in a speedy and efficient manner, we have a documented, formal complaints procedure, a summary of which is outlined below.

  1. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will acknowledge your complaint promptly to reassure you that we will be dealing with the issue as a matter of urgency, giving you the details of who will be handling the matter in our office.
  2. After having considered the issue, we will advise what action we intend to take and the expected timescales for this.
  3. In the event that your complaint relates to activities or services provided by a third party, we will advise you of this in writing giving their contact details and the reasons for our decision whilst also ensuring that your complaint is promptly forwarded to the appropriate in writing.
  4. We will aim to make a final response to you as soon as possible and keep you reasonably informed of our progress. We anticipate that we will be able to provide a substantive response to most complaints within eight weeks.
  5. By the end of eight weeks from the receipt of your complaint, we will issue you with our final response, or issue a response that gives the reasons for the delay and indicates when we will be able to provide a final response. If you are dissatisfied with our response or the delay at this time, you will have a period of six months in which you can refer the matter to Trading Standards. When we provide our final response letter, we will endeavour to ensure that we have taken into consideration any financial losses or material inconveniences you may have suffered. If we do not feel that your complaint is justified, we will advise you of the reasons for our decision and we will also advise how you may pursue the complaint if you remain dissatisfied. At that time, if we do not hear from you within eight weeks, we will treat the complaint as closed.


Your statutory rights are not affected if you choose to follow the complaints procedure above. For further information about your statutory rights contact your local authority Trading Standards Service or Citizens Advice Bureau.



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